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Asthenta – The World

A series of continents known for their varying degrees of foliage and fauna and their diverse regions. It is large and spans far enough to include polar regions and deserts, plus all manner of region in between.

Vast oceans are evident between the continents, sometimes taking several months to navigate from one continent to another. Lakes and rivers are aplenty on most continents, mountains and deep valleys are evident throughout. There is no “Great Desert”, however, places of dry, arid sandy areas can be found.american-river-1590010_1920

Hopefully, soon, there will be a map of this world. It will showcase a series of continents with islands and oceans. It will be noted as much as I have available at the time, but it is not complete.

My hope is that you will find maps of each continent at some point, as well.

UPDATE: September 6, 2017

It has been about a year and my blogging has taken a different direction, however, I truly love this world and blogging idea. There is the start of a map below.

Also, you will begin to see a change in this blog, as I will be doing Mostly short stories.

Asthenta - Map
Full map of Asthenta



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