Christian fiction writers blog

A blog for the Christian that loves a good Fantasy Adventure story.


13217542_10209901879850116_4949140438562010279_oMy name is Dennis, I am an avid reader and want to be writer. I love writing short stories and also have an epic adventure in mind.

Like I said, I am an avid reader. I read many things, but, my favorite has always been the Fantasy-Adventure style. (Sword & Sorcerer, Dragons, Knights, Epic Battles, Etc.) These have always been my go to, my relaxing, sanity seeking, escape the world type reads. They have always given me an outlet.

I became a Christian on March 15, 1997, when I gave my heart, mind and soul to the Lord, by accepting Jesus Christ as my Savior and Lord. (I gave Him control of my life and accepted His free give of Salvation and forgiveness of my sins.) That night, I became a new creation. My alcoholism and drug use came to an abrupt stop, as God removed them from me, healing me completely of those addictions, He did, however, leave one addiction alone that I just did not want to give to Him at the time, but, surrendered to Him in 2008.

I was married to my most awesome and beautiful wife May 13, 2000, and we have endured both good and bad times. She has stood by me in the good and bad, we have come through the other side of many issues and I believe we have gotten much stronger in the process.

My family includes My Mom, My wife, my step-daughter and her daughter, my granddaughter and my 3 boys, who are amazing and completely wonderful. It also includes my Church family, who are also amazing.

My main blog is about classic and custom cars, trucks and motorcycles. It is Customs N Classics, which has taken me from this page for quite a while, but, I am refocusing and going to be doing short stories.

I hope you enjoy.




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