A very good, detailed article regarding the writers schedule and productivity. I am not a professional, but, these steps can aid me when I do sit down to write, even if it is not daily.

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Productivity. It’s the element all writers wish they had a firm grasp on, yet very few actually do.

In the majority of cases, writers do not operate by a typical nine-to-five work schedule. There isn’t always a set time to clock in and clock out. I started working from home this year as a freelance writer, and I’m STILL struggling to set up a consistent schedule. But it’s something I work toward every single day, because otherwise, optimal writing productivity is something I will never achieve. And my work … and my bank account … will suffer the consequences.

Writing productivity is essential for all elements of a writer’s professional life. But where do you start?

Here are eight writing productivity tips to help you write 5,000+ words every day – or at the very least, to help you get into the habit of writing more on a more consistent basis.

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