This is a very insightful article. Also, very convicting.
I wanted my blog to be about my story, about the world i was creating in my head, but, after reading several blog articles, i began to share them, because I found them useful and thought others in my circle would as well. I still feel this way, but, it seems that my writing is happening less and re-blogging is happening more. No wonder others are not being drawn to my site.
Time to start doing more of what I intended to do, rather than what is easy.

Novelty Revisions


Congratulations! You just wrote a thoughtful, logical, actionable blog post you know everyone is going to love. Amazing! You just finished the final draft of the novel you have been working on for six years. Surely people are going to adore your characters and appreciate your themes.

That is, if they ever read what you have written.

BUT THEY WILL! Won’t they? Because people are going to stumble upon your masterpieces while searching for the exact things you are going to provide within your words of wisdom … RIGHT?


Honestly, no one is searching for what you have to offer. It may be good – it may be the BEST thing that has ever been written on that subject in particular. But unless you are an SEO-obsessed robot (which I hope you aren’t), people aren’t going to find your work while searching for something else. And they aren’t going…

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