This is a great example of a writing style. I plan on utilizing it as I write my short stories, to get used to it for my novels.


Fearless leader Prentice is currently experiencing the joys of a post Brexit UK. Never fear, I’m here to try and step up my slacking article writing duties in the interim. Today’s piece will teach you how to win ten grammys and become the best selling musician in the world. (Your results may vary.)

Taylor Swift. The Pennsylvania talent has been topping charts since she was a teenager with country songs tinged with pop, and has evolved into a bona fide pop sensation. Her appeal is startling in its wide swath of demographics. There’s me, a self-described “recovering hipster” who wouldn’t listen to anything but vinyl indie records senior year, who’s currently writing this to the soundtrack of Taylor Swift’s 1989. There’s screamo bands like Our Last Night and We Came As Romans that like her enough to cover her. There’s baseball star and all-around macho man Anthony Rizzo who walks…

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