I think this is some of the best advise for authors. How can I be creative if I can’t even focus on the keyboard because I am so tired? Even God rested.

Novelty Revisions


“I’m running on THREE HOURS OF SLEEP right now!!”

“How come?”


Ever been in this position before, either on the sleep-deprived side or the eye-rolling side? I’ve been on both. The former was, thankfully, a very long time ago. Like many people out there, I fell prey to the peer pressure that made me believe being tired was somehow saint-worthy. I still come across people like this all the time. They somehow think giving up sleep is more important than taking care of themselves. Writing somehow becomes more important than sanity, and health.

Listen. There’s a reason the book I finally (FINALLY) finished writing last year took three years to write. It’s not because I slacked off. It’s not because I intentionally let other things get in the way. Rather, it took me that long because I finally came to the realization that not sleeping enough…

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