I will hold myself accountable. All I have to do now is create goals, then I can follow them.
This sounds so easy, I really wish it were.

Novelty Revisions


Are you on the hunt for an ‘accountability buddy’ to help you stay on track as you write? Read this before you go looking.

You won’t have a hard time finding one

Really. Post in any writing group on social media or writer’s forum and you will find people who feel they need accountability from someone else in order to get writing done. If you are really set on finding someone to hold you accountable, don’t be hesitant to reach out.

However, the ‘relationship’ probably won’t work out

Why? Because everyone wants someone to ‘be there’ for them, to push and challenge them … but most are not willing to do the same in return. That’s just generally how accountability works. This is why relying on someone else to get writing done isn’t the best route to go down. Your accountability partner has their own writing projects to work on…

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