This is a good reminder to just try, to just submit. I have been wondering if I should try, then I do it and something good happens.
My blog came about because I decided to just give it a shot, see how I do. Put myself out there and allow others to see some of my creativity.
I am ok with rejection, I don’t like it, (I don’t think anyone does), but, I am also able to see that not every submission will be the proper fit for me.

Novelty Revisions


I have been working on a novel for about eight months. One of my goals this year is to submit a query letter for a book, which I have never done before. Though the book is not finished yet – not even the first draft – I found myself worrying the other day about submitting queries. Not because I don’t know how the process works or because I’m afraid to do it, but because I have yet to write something as long as an 80,000-word novel that I feel confident enough to pitch.

I began to worry that, once again, I would finish my first draft and then let it sit on my computer without looking at it ever again.

Then I thought about it, and I mean really thought about it. I came to two conclusions: one, that I needed to stop worrying about a step that comes along…

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