Very good article, thank you for writing it.
I firmly believe that my writing could become a career choice, should I choose that route. As of right now, It is something I love and I may choose to make it profitable.
I would hope that anyone out there who writes, will feel encouraged to at least try to go as far as they can possibly go with it. Write for fun, write because you are passionate and write for profit. You can do all 3.

Novelty Revisions


Even as an adult, I have never once allowed myself to believe that it was impossible to find a job that I loved.

There will always be jobs we despise. It’s a rite of passage, almost. I worked in data entry for four months last year. It was boring. But I always found little things about that job that made me happy: free bagels every Friday, the occasional nice email response after updating a restaurant owner’s menu, my own desk. The best part about that job was that once I left, there was no more work to be done. I could go home and do whatever I wanted. And many evenings, I chose to spend my free time writing.

I have always believed that one day, writing could be my job.

I have always known there are many, many people out there who do not believe this. But I…

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