I started with no plan, just a concept, an idea of who the characters would be and what it would be about.
I never planned anything out, I just wrote. I have several short stories that truly go to nothing and do not fit within the story line, or life, of my main character, but they ended up being great short stories.
I am trying to find balance between planning this story out and writing and seeing what happens. Your articles have been a big help.

Novelty Revisions


Sometimes, planning out a story before writing it is what pushes people to create amazing things.

But is it possible to overdo it, and plan too much?


There are advantages and disadvantages to doing a little bit of planning before you start writing. But you should never plan in so much detail that you lock yourself into commitments you aren’t sure you will be willing to keep.

Let your ideas unfold

The story you start writing won’t be the story you finish writing. That’s pretty much inevitable … unless you do a little too much planning. I started ghostwriting a series of novellas a few months ago for a client, and in order to do that, I had to first submit chapter-by-chapter outlines of how the story was going to go. At first, I liked it. Then I started writing, and really found that I didn’t like it so…

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