Well, I am going to do a document, that I can get to from my phone, to put my ideas in. My kids keep finding these scraps of paper with my ideas on them and they start writing their own version of the story, (Which actually makes me happy), but, I would like to be able to go back to these ideas as you suggest.

Novelty Revisions


Putting ideas into words. It’s more than just a tagline for a blog about how to strengthen your skills and experience as a writer. It’s a broad description of what the writing process actually entails: taking an idea and writing about it.

Though we often venture beyond that step of the process, there’s something I haven’t really talked about as much as I would have liked to. Coming up with ideas really isn’t that hard, because most of the time, it happens unwillingly. You’re standing in the kitchen chopping carrots or whatever and then BOOM. New idea for a novel.

But … then what?

Ideally, you would take that idea, sit down and start writing. That doesn’t always happen though. There’s another step in between those two things. Generally, you get an idea … you are inspired to focus your attention on that idea … and THEN you bring that…

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