I have struggled with this very thing. I have several characters, with one main, the others are supporting. None of them are fixed as to how they will end up, but, I think I needed to read permission to truly write them how I think they really would be.

Novelty Revisions


Whether we like it or not, stories, in their own unique ways, reflect real life.

They mirror life experience both because writers need outlets and readers need relatable stories. Not everyone relates to the same story in the same way, but there is a story out there for everyone who needs to know they are not alone.

This means happy endings are not always the best option.

Characters who change for the better are not always usable.

We all want that one struggling character to find his way to the right side of the fence. We all want that character we love to avoid their inevitable downfall. But what we want to see happen in a story is not always what we need to happen.

As writers, the story we want to tell, and the story we need to tell, are not synonymous.

Don’t take the easy way out


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