So, I can completely relate to what you have said. I do not see “writers block” as something I subscribe to, rather, I take small breaks from what I am doing to clear my thoughts.
I already struggle with racing thoughts and a jarbled thought process, so, I have to force myself to focus anyway, but, when I just can’t focus, I find that doing exactly what you did will often help me to regain a level of focus on all projects I am working on.
I build model cars/trucks. I will get through half of it and have to put it away for a while so I can come back to it with motivation, my writing is often the same way. I have days that I can write out several paragraphs, involving multiple levels of a chapter, but there are days where I find myself starting the next chapter, because I can’t get the ideas out of my head unless I do, then I can go back to the last one to complete it.
Thank you for writing this, it shows me I am not alone in how I work.

Novelty Revisions


I knew exactly what I wanted to type. The ideas were somewhat jumbled in my head, but they were there. i knew the points I wanted to get across, at least. But what was in my head, I could not force my fingers to type out. It was frustrating. And I started to worry that all the ‘writer’s block’ bashing I had been doing had been all for nothing.

Then something happened.

I clicked away from that screen. Opened a new tab. I did exactly what you are not supposed to do: I jumped right into another task, writing a few paragraphs of a completely different project. I had no problems getting those paragraphs out onto the page. They came as easily as if I had not just spent five minutes trying to force myself to write something.

I saved that document, went back to my original project, and ……

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