Novelty Revisions


In many of the stories we read, there are villains. Characters who do not have our main character’s, or anyone’s, for that matter, best interest in mind. They always have a plot or scheme of some kind, with a hidden motive hidden behind it (whether the story reveals it to us or not). Sometimes, that villain falls from his or her rise to power literally (ouch). Sometimes, they end their reign of terror with a fit of remorse for what they have done.

But many times, there is no remorse. There is no Darth Vader-esque redemption at the end of the story. Terrible things happen, and whether that villain is in the end punished for it or not, there are no sincere apologies. They would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren’t for our sole hero or team of day-savers. They are already plotting their escape, even as…

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