Name: TerrieceTerriece. (Last name, not quite sure yet)

Parents: Yes, both are older and living in Corintada, a medium sized city about two weeks South from Jacartha.

Father: Sinclair.  Medium build, Shows age, long gray hair. Follower of the Silver Dragon Order and healer, no longer a warrior due to age. Travels poor section of city to find and heal those the One allows him to heal.

Mother: Linclan, older lady, small build, long gray hair. Also a follower of the Silver Dragon Order. Lesser healer, however, Master leather worker. Works with Sinclair in the poor section and supports there trips with small leather trinkets that are for sale.

Lives in: Not living in one specific area, as of yet. She is traveling throughout the lands, earning her High Priestess title.

Age: Terriece is about 18 when we first meet her. She has trained as a Druid/warrior for the Green Dragon Order for the last 6 years and is considered one of the highest of her order. She has begun her travels to complete her training and will meet up with Sardin along the way.

Occupation: Druid/Warrior of the Green Dragon Order. These Druid/warriors are among the best fighters to have dealing with any wilderness or survival campaign. They are trained in the Druid ways of surviving off/with the land, (Worshiping the land) and have a power over animals. Their allegiance to the Green Dragon order forces them to remain “neutral” in all situations.

Details: Terriece is the twin sister of Sansha and has denounced the family order to follow her own way within the Green Dragon Order. She has allowed herself to do away with emotions regarding her family.