SanshaName: Sansha. (Last name, not quite sure yet)

Parents: Yes, both are older and living in Corintada, a medium sized city about two weeks South from Jacartha.

Father: Sinclair.  Medium build, Shows age, long gray hair. Follower of the Silver Dragon Order and healer, no longer a warrior due to age. Travels poor section of city to find and heal those the One allows him to heal.

Mother: Linclan, older lady, small build, long gray hair. Also a follower of the Silver Dragon Order. Lesser healer, however, Master leather worker. Works with Sinclair in the poor section and supports there trips with small leather trinkets that are for sale.

Lives in: Corintada, with her parents. Aids with the poor section ministry, but, seeks adventure.

Age: Sansha is about 18 when we first meet her. She has trained as a healer/warrior for the Silver Dragon Order for the last 6 years and is considered one of the highest of her order. She is expected to begin her travels to complete her training and will meet up with Hanston along the way.

Occupation: Healer/Warrior of the Silver Dragon Order. These healer/warriors are among the best fighters to have within any campaign, but, they will only fight on the side of righteousness. They are forbidden to kill, (Unless no other way is present) and must use their healing abilities on friendly and enemy soldiers. They are forbidden to not heal and have sworn an oath to preserve life as much as possible. They are followers of the One and share their faith whenever possible.

Details: Sansha is the twin sister of Terriece, who has denounced the family order to follow her own way.