So, with a few excerpts from the first chapter and 2 characters created, I find myself in a bit of a pickle.

I want to add a female character, actually, 2 female characters. I want to create a bit of romance, not enough to make this a romance story, as I do not like them very much, but, just enough to throw a good amount of complication into the mix.

So far, I have a hero and an antagonist, (villain). I have 2 opposing forces, even though they may not realize it yet, themselves.

I am secretly developing the story line with which our two main characters will come to life and will compete for life itself. Where they will grow, in every aspect. So, how can I continue and not throw the complication of the opposite sex into the mix? How can I expect 2 young men to grow in power and status and not have issues with how to deal with manhood and how that deals with womanhood? Well, I can’t.

So, I am going to create 2 new characters, to become the very bane of existence for our two main characters. To completely confuse them at times, but to also aid them and allow them to see compassion and desire. These 2 females will either love, or hate, our young men and will forever be a part of their growth, no matter how it turns out in the end.

Do not be fooled by beginnings, but allow the story to develop as you begin to see how a young woman can turn a young man’s world completely upside down.

Enter Sansha and Terriece, both are beautiful and wonderful and about to create havoc without even trying.