Name: Sardin. (Last name, not quite sure yet)

Parents: Yes, both are dead, or missing. They came from a small community about three days walk South from Jacartha. (Closest City).

Father: Denagal, older brother of Tarehal. Medium build, used to be an advisor to the King. Became head advisor, then chose to leave the King’s service to follow the priesthood of the Red Dragon. Alchemy (Making of potions, poisons and turning base metals into gold.) Went missing when Sardin was about to leave to follow the Red Dragon order.

Mother: Gabriana, Lovely women, long dark hair, mid-sized. Loud, but shrewd. Action person, jumps to action, then considers what was done. Master Cook, Master seamstress. Went missing with Denagal.

Lives in: Small town, (Seriaba) larger than a village, but still very small. A few shops, mostly farms. Is one of the major shopping stops for the outlying villages that are farther South. Has a main street with shops, side streets with houses (Mostly merchants quarters) and outlying farms.

Age: At the beginning, Sardin is about 14. He is just coming into his manhood and has been a part of the Red Dragon order for about 3 years. He quietly loathes the Red Dragon order, as he believes they are responsible for his parents disappearance.

Very soon, this will jump to a time when Sardin is about 20 or so, and will begin his first real adventure as a fully trained Priest/soldier for the Black Dragon order. He will hold a high position and have great power, as one of his station and order must have. He will have been trained in physical combat as well as how to tap into the Black Dragon’s powers.

Occupation: Soldier/Priest of the Black Dragon. These are the most elite of the Black Dragon order and are rarely bested by any other. They are considered lethal after their first year of training and follow the Black Dragon edicts flawlessly. Often known as assassins and Personal security forces, no more than 2 can work together. There are never more than 12 with the rank of High-priest and only 1 can become the supreme priest.

Details: Sardin starts off as a timid young man, just coming into manhood and absorbed by the loss of his parents. He is angry at the very order that took him in and began his training.

He knows of Hanston and his family, vaguely and is very jealous of the fact that he still has a family. He sees Hanston’s rise in the Kings Guard as competition.