I have found that I know my characters in my head, as I have developed them internally for years, but, I have a very hard time writing the character out. So, here goes a start. Should anyone have any suggestions, please tell me, I may add it.

So, to start;

Name: Hanston. (Last name, not quite sure yet)

Parents: Yes, both are living in a small community about half a day walk North from Jacartha. (Closest City).

Father: Tarehal. Large man, used to be a soldier in the Kings Army. Metal Smith (Making of fine weapons, armor, finely crafted tools and ornamentation) Injured in last war, walks with a limp.

Mother: Salinda, slender lady with soft features. Soft spoken, but very shrewd. Leather smith, (Worker of saddles, armor, boots, gloves, etc.)

Lives in: Small town, (Torboda) larger than a village, but still very small. A few shops, mostly farms. Is one of the major shopping stops for the outlying villages that are farther North. Has a main street with shops, side streets with houses (Mostly merchants quarters) and outlying farms.

Age: At the start, Hanston is only about 12, just coming into puberty. He still has the childish naivety, but, is beginning to grow up. His father thought the trek to Jacartha would be an easy one for a young man his age, (This would have been a normal practice for this time period and area) not realizing that there would be an Ice Dragon (White Dragon) in the area. (This would have been extremely rare, probably not seen in over a century).

Very soon, this will jump to a time when Hanston is about 17 or so, and will begin his first real adventure as a fully trained soldier in the Kings Army. (I have not decided what his rank or title may be yet)

Occupation: Well, as said above, he starts out as a kid, coming to the city to become a soldier, (Probably of some standing, as his father was a soldier, wounded in a great war, he will have a legacy to live up to.) He will also be expected to learn an actual trade, something with which he can fall back on, should he be wounded, or decide to leave the Army. (This has yet to be determined)

Details: Hanston, like his family, follow The One, The Son of God. They are true believers and Hanston has grown up with this. He will still need to make his own choice as to follow or not, so, his first real adventure may be more perilous that originally expected by his commanders.

Hanston loves people and sees good in everyone. To a fault, he is trusting and kind. His generosity is often taken advantage of and his kindness is seen as weakness.

His biggest weakness is that he acts before he thinks, or allows anyone else to think. This gets him into a lot of trouble, but, sometimes allows for others to be saved.

Ok, so, this is my start on character creation. This is where I am with Hanston, my most favored and loved character. I hope you enjoy creating him with me and again, any thoughts are welcome, but, please do not get upset if I don’t use your idea, it just may not fit with where I am taking him, but, the idea may get used somewhere else.