Mage Drawing
Sardin couldn’t wait to get started today. His master, Magi Kerntick, had told him that today would be a very special day and that he would begin to be able to do more than ever before. His anticipation rose to levels he hadn’t experienced in the 5 years he had been here, learning to be a wizard. He suddenly felt that all of the tedious work, all of the cleaning, stacking and organizing was finally going to be worth it.
He hurried out of bed and quickly made it up, so that he wouldn’t be punished for not doing what was necessary every morning. He took extra care with the blanket and removed every wrinkle. He wanted them to see perfection if they were to do an inspection, so he would take great care to make every detail perfect.
He pulled out his robe and cape, wiped down the staff he had been working on for the last three years and quickly went out the door. He spoke the lock spell over the door and hurried off towards the meal hall. His entire thought focused on how this was going to be a very special day.
As he entered the hall, he noticed that there were more people in it than normal. All eyes snapped towards him upon entry and he could feel that there were eyes he could not see staring at him as well. He carefully walked to his normal seat and sat down, not sure what to make of all of this.

“Is he ready, Kerntick?” The dark man asked. “Does he know what he is about to become?”
“Yes, Lord Dridzon, the boy is ready to become an apprentice, though, he does not even know what power lies within himself or what you are about to make him.” Mage Kerntick replied, head down as he spoke, “He only knows that today is a special day, nothing more.”
“Does he wield magic well?”
“Yes Lord, his keen sense of the magic and the ability to wield it with far less struggle than any I have ever known make even me jealous. He is far more powerful than I have ever let him know.”
“Who does he worship, Kerntick? Did you ever get that far with him?” Dridzon asked.
“I have offered him a choice of the many gods, teaching him of their ways, but, I spent a lot of time showing him the powers he could achieve by worshipping the Black Dragon. I have shown him what could be accomplished by following him, my Lord.” He looked up to face Lord Dridzon, “He made the choice about a week ago, to follow him, to learn his ways. He is fully ready for you now.”
“Then I shall go and collect my new acolyte.” With that, Lord Dridzon opened the door into the dining hall and searched out his prey.

Sardin sat there, picking at his morning meal, looking at all the people who were there. It seemed odd that so many would be there at the same time, most were out doing their daily work already. His anticipation was creating issues with the food he was trying to stuff down, so, finally, he pushed it away and sat there.
As he sat back, the rear door to the hall opened and a dark skinned man wearing black robes and dark leather armor walked in. His staff was made of what looked like ebony and the crystal on top was the blackest he had ever seen.
Suddenly people stopped what they were doing and stood, so, Sardin did as well. Two blue robed acolytes jumped up to walk with the man and a green robed acolyte began to speak.
“Hail, Mighty Lord Dridzon the black,” He said loud enough for all to hear.
“Thank you, Eldron.” Lord Dridzon said as he looked at him, “You all may be seated. I come looking for my new acolyte.”
With that, everyone sat down, though it was much quieter as all eyes were on Lord Dridzon. No one of any import seemed to come to Castle Wavyrn, so, Sardin understood why everyone stared. Even as he thought that, he couldn’t tear his eyes from the man.
Without warning, the man was walking towards Sardin, his eyes staring intently at him, no, into him, it seemed. Sardin began to question what he was doing there and why this man was looking at him. He felt as if his very soul was being investigated.
As he started, the man drew closer. He was a couple of feet from the table when he felt that he should stand, so he did. He felt as if he were in another dimension, free of his body. The man’s presence was intoxicating and Sardin felt as if he couldn’t stay up any longer.
“Sit, Sardin, we have much to discuss.” Lord Dridzon said, with a half-smile that worked to put Sardin to ease. As he took his seat, he sat and Sardin knew his life would never be the same.

Magi Kerntick stood at the doorway, an intense desire to lash out in anger began to fill his mind, but he knew what it was and fought it, pushing it down to that secret place in his mind where he put everything he didn’t wish to deal with. He knew from the beginning that young Sardin was destined for more than just being a Magi, he knew that his very life was intertwined in the education and training of the boy, but, he always thought that he would somehow benefit from it more than he had.
He didn’t know what Lord Dridzon had in store for him or the boy, but, he didn’t have a very good feeling about it. He didn’t care much about the boy, past how much he thought it would enhance his lot in life, so he had no desire to safeguard him, but, if the boy were taken, his place at the castle may be in jeopardy and he couldn’t risk that.
He motioned to a servant, one he knew was fiercely loyal to him.
“Add poison to Lord Dridzon’s goblet at the next refill. If we get him sick, he will leave without the boy and we can continue on as if nothing ever happened.” He whispered. “We may lose everything if he takes the boy.”
“As you wish, it shall be done,” The servant looked at him, a wicked smile on his face, “Master.” With that, he bowed and took his leave.
Everything is now in place. With Dridzon gone, the boy still here, I can keep my control over this castle and soon, become its master. No one will be able to stop me then. He snickered as he thought this.
With that, he made his way, slowly, to Sardin’s table, to sit with the boy as he was told what would happen now.