By Darkness Hid - book art
The first in a series, Young Achan is about to find himself in a whole new world.

Jill Williamson has hit a home run, in my opinion, with this series. Her artistry in using words to create a world, time and peoples to care about is amazing in this series. She has created a realistic epic adventure without having it be full of foul language and sex. (I find that truly amazing and enjoyable, as those are the two things I just don’t want in my reading material.) She has created a story line that draws you in and drags you to the end, screaming that you want more. Job well done!

As I write this article, I only want to share the substance of the series, without actually spoiling any of the books many plots and twists. So, if you feel I am writing things out generically, your right, I want YOU to read it and enjoy it, maybe even coming back and letting me know what you think of it, yourself.

The Blood of Kings is a most interesting piece. I chose it because the story line peaked my interest (This was the major reason for choosing the series) and the price for the first book in the series was perfect, (free, this just sealed the deal between two different series I was looking at.).

The way the story is written intrigued me at first, because it seemed to pull you in to the life of young Achan and almost made you think, right from the start, that there was something quite interesting about this boy.

Now, that said, I found my emotions for this story started off feeling very sad, for Achan, for the town and for the area, as it is set in a time period where one person, or one group, has all of the power and money, while everyone else is just a different level of poor. This is exquisitely showcased within the first book and throughout the entire series.

Conflict is showcased at the start, as are consequences for our actions, which, to me, is always a great way to start a story. Your drawn in, compelled to keep going to see what Achan has to deal with next and this runs through the entire series.

To Darkness Fled - Book Art
The second book, riveting and suspenseful

As far as content, there is violence, (Again, this is a fantasy adventure series, violence is kind of expected on some level), inner turmoil, good vs. evil and a host of other things, but what is missing, (I am so glad it is), is a lot of foul language and sexual references, issues or depictions. This series is clean and seems to have been written for the young adult to adult.

The series allows you to see Achan grow, into a man and into what God would have for him. The other characters are also well developed and it is hard not to fall in love with them.

There is a lot one can get out of these books if one has the mindset to look. The conflict of good vs. evil is shown with a lot of reality that is sometimes lacking in epic tales. The idea that sometimes, evil has the upper hand and looks like a better choice than good, or that, the good is weaker than the evil. All issues we still struggle with in reality are dealt with in a suspenseful and intriguing way.

From Darkness Won - Book Art
The final chapter

If you are reading this series and think that you should see God in it, but don’t, you may want to read it again. Christian views are built in throughout the storyline and spirituality is dealt with in a great way. I don’t feel this series lacks in integrity in the least bit.

This story allows you to escape, for a time, to another persons life, in another world, who struggles with all we could deal with and comes out changed and in a better place. The idea of how to deal with conflict and struggle are dealt with as well as any story could.

I highly recommend this series to anyone who loves an epic story, but also wants to have a little reality mixed in.