By Divine Right - Book Art
A wonderful short story, great cover art and the right price

This is not the first book by Patrick W. Carr I have ever read. By no means is it.

I actually read his first series, a while ago and have recommended it several times, but, this post is not about that series, it is about this short story.

I am not generally into short stories that stand alone, but, I knew Patrick’s work and felt this may be a good lead into his new series, The Darkwater Saga. I was right.

The main character has his own issues, which anyone who has seen combat and may suffer, or has suffered, from some form of PTSD, may be able to instantly connect with. He is a character, however, that I think anyone with real problems in life can connect with, as well.

I found the story to be a bit to fast for my liking, jumping into areas I felt would take more time to get to, but, hey, this is a fantasy adventure, it isn’t real, so, if it helps the story to get there faster, then who am I to say it isn’t correct? (If you read my post on how I choose a book, you will see how I feel about reviews.)

Other content of this book will draw you into a mystery and allow you to sense the dangers. I found that his use of feelings and senses allowed me to feel the story as well as imagine it.

I do not recall any foul language, as most of his books tend to stay away from that, as well. His story line allows you to see the characters work and personal life and how they intertwine. It is almost as if he were the character as he was writing about him.

Other characters are described and detailed just enough for you to visualize, but not enough to seem like he is over detailing. He describes with just enough detail to get you to either like or hate some individuals and as you read farther, you begin to cement your idea of that character.

There is an adaptation of the Gifts the holy Spirit would give, that has been formatted, rather nicely, for this story and I honestly cannot wait to see where it is taken. The idea of religion intertwined with daily life is well thought out and defined, as are the other nuances of the story.

The violence level, (Come on, this is fantasy-adventure, violence is a big part of epic story lines, after all!) is much less that I would have thought, but, just enough to keep you interested and ready for more.

Amazon has this book, for you to read. Give the author a shout if you like it and let him know you read about his book here.