The dragon, a much used and almost expected piece of Fantasy Adventure. Dragons add mystery, drama and sometimes humor, but they always add danger, for the unsuspecting victim or for the army that wages war against it.

Dragons take on interesting features, color, skin (Scales), demeanor, etc. They are classified as either good or bad, in almost all cases, rarely are they neutral.

Dragons and magic go hand in hand, in almost every case. There is no dragon story I have read, (I emphasize, that I have read!) where there isn’t some form of magic inherent to the dragon. I.e., breath weapon, hypnotic stare, fear, flying (Although, this is generally because of wings, but, have you ever been able to fly because of your arm span?) or other abilities.

The dragon can turn a story into an epic story, an adventure into an epic adventure, but, it can also be overused, taking a great story and making it mundane.

The Christian writer has, at their disposal, the dragon to incorporate into their story, making him/her and integral part of the adventure, (J.R.R. Tolkien’s, The Hobbit) or just a side note. The idea of evil incarnate or the idea of a race of beasts with intelligence to match, or exceed, our own.

My hope with this blog is to bring to light the idea that the Christian, who love a great adventure, will find an outlet to either begin to write their own story, or read that of several Christian Fiction and Fantasy-Adventure Writers.

I was amazed to find that there were so many Authors who are committed Christians, who share a love for the Gospel of Christ and who write fiction and Fantasy-Adventure. Hopefully, you will be able to find well written, family friendly stories with which to enjoy and possibly use to bring your friends to the saving knowledge of the Gospel.