My intention with this Blog is to share my reading love with others by introducing them to Authors and Books.

I must say, however, that my bias is going to be towards the Christian author who has written fiction, specifically Fantasy adventure.

Most know of J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis, but there are a host of others that have written books and series that are exquisitely written. Most can easily be found on Amazon or a host of other online bookstore sites and they are generally inexpensive.

Just a note, for any who may read this and wonder, “Why would you focus on Christian Fantasy Adventure stories?”

Because, Christians often find they need to leave behind things that may not be in line with their faith. I am going to try to help them find stories that are family friendly in that the authors share the same belief system.

The idea that dragons exist, or that elves and dwarves roamed a land is not found in the Bible, of course, but, the ability to utilize the imagination that God gave us to share an incredible story of how a Hobbit helped to reclaim a dwarven city from a dragon is just another form of artistry and can be used to bring people to Christ, as can any other median.

The ability to share our imagination with the world, what a gift. To be able to use that to share the love of Christ, what an even better gift, not just for the author, but the reader as well.

My prayer is that God will use this Blog to bring together an array of authors who are using the gifts God has bestowed upon them to bring Christ to the world. That the Holy Spirit will lead many to faith through the conversations you, as readers, may have with your family and friends who may enjoy a book, just as you do and that through that, you may find a way to bring about the Gospel, so they may hear the good news of Christ.

I will be adding content to this site, as I begin to write about books, hopefully, writing about the authors as well. If you know of a good book, let me know, I am interested in what others are enjoying, as well.